Meet the Skinny & Co. Team


Favorite Product: Rosemary Shampoo Bar

When Luke Geddie took a gap year after graduating from college, he never anticipated the adventure that awaited him. One gap year turned into seven, and his experiences led him to Southeast Asia and to finding, sourcing, and patenting the best coconut oil process on Earth.

Luke returned home and introduced his co-founder, Joy, to this revolutionary new technology of making unprocessed and 100% pure coconut oil without chemicals or additives. Together, they decided to introduce this extraordinary, nutrient-rich coconut oil to the U.S. market, and The Skinny was born.

Today, Skinny is established as a thought leader in the chemical-free movement. Every single product The Skinny produces is 100% clean and made with five ingredients or less, full of goodness and highly effective in promoting healthier living.

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Skinny & Co.’s vision is to change the world by giving customers products with ultra-transparency. The company is making this happen by building their own supply line and manufacturing their own products that allow them to help the communities from which they get their materials and ingredients. The vision is to give back to the remote areas where Skinny & Co.’s ingredients are sourced, by providing jobs, education, and subsidized food to help the people of these communities.

By bringing an ultra-transparent supply line into the marketplace, Skinny & Co. hopes to challenge the norm of contract manufacturing, low quality, or sweatshop production. Luke’s years of experience in the international world of manufacturing have given him insight and vision into ways to change the current norm. 

Skinny & Co. invites you to try their innovative products; the company believes these products will not only impress you, but will change your world from outside in and inside out.