Joy Reese | VP and Co-Founder

Joy Reese, VP at Skinny & Co.

Favorite Product: Rejuvenating Cleansing Balm and Makeup Remover

Joy Reese is one of the co-founders of The Skinny, a powerful chemical-free lifestyle brand that emerged in her family’s living room over 5 years ago.

As the Vice President of The Skinny, Joy leads the charge on education and sales and is currently working on some amazing teaching opportunities. Her latest is a “10-Day Clean Beauty” course that The Skinny has developed with the organization OneCommune.

Joy went holistic in her approach to medicine and went back to school in her 40’s finishing her board certified NMD in her 50’s.  She has been passionate about waking her patients and The Skinny customers up to the 80,000 harmful consumer chemicals that have crept their way into everything in our environment. 

What started in the 1950’s was the beginning of the “ease of living”  lifestyle craze that has found harmful chemicals in everything from our makeup and body products to our cookware and that affect our hormones, our bodies, and our environment – with no FDA or government regulation slowing down the avalanche.

Her ultimate goal is to see every woman in America empowered with knowledge that allows them to make good choices for themselves and their families and to provide them with the cleanest, most ethical and transparent chemical-free products that are also affordable. 

When she is not educating or helping run their family company you can find her biking the Hilly Hundred or running on her beloved beach in North Carolina! She also enjoys traveling with her husband, playing with her grandchildren, and spending time with her grown kids and parents.

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