Why Skinny & Co. loves lavender essential oil

Why Skinny & Co. loves lavender essential oil

By this point, most people have heard of lavender and probably use it in some capacity. But, why is it so popular (it’s the world’s most popular essential oil!)? We address these questions and more in our blog.

Understanding lavender essential oil

There are actually 39 different types of lavender, but lavender angustifolia produces the highest quality essential oil and is the only type Skinny & Co. uses.

Additionally, lavender is optimally grown and distilled at high altitudes (above 2,500 ft). Growing and extracting it at high altitude results in higher levels of the compounds responsible for lavender’s calming effects, known as Esters. That’s why Skinny & Co. only uses high-altitude lavender from alpine France.

Lavender essential oil benefits

Now that you know the basics about lavender, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of lavender essential oil to understand why we love it so much here at Skinny & Co.

Skinny & Co. products containing lavender essential oil

We have a love affair with lavender essential oil here at Skinny & Co. and we use it in several of our formulas. Products that contain it include the Raw Lavender Deodorant, the Calming Lavender Almond Body Melt, the Calming Cleansing Balm & Makeup Remover, the Calming Lavender & Orange Shampoo Bar, the Fresh Cucumber Whipped Body Butter, the Fresh Cucumber Essential Oil Roller, the Fresh Cucumber Candle, and the Rescue Skinny Paw Pet Shampoo.

Final thoughts

Lavender has become our go-to essential oil here at Skinny & Co. Its vast number of effective uses makes it one of the most important essential oils to incorporate into your daily life. Each one of our products that contain lavender essential oil use it in a unique and beneficial way. Give them a try and let us know how lavender essential oil has impacted your skin (and life!).

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