The Ketogenic Diet - The Biggest Movement in 2017

The Ketogenic Diet - The Biggest Movement in 2017

What is the Ketogenic diet?

The Ketogenic diet is a fat based diet in which the user shifts the focus from carbohydrates to healthy and natural fats and moderate protein. We typically consume carbohydrates which the body breaks down into sugars for energy and produces insulin to take it around the body. In the absence of carbs, the body looks for a different source of energy. The liver will take fats, Like Skinny,  and convert them into "ketones".

Ketones are the only other source of energy that the body can use to make ATP besides carbohydrates. Ketones have an amazing appetite suppressing effect and are very pro weight loss and energy. Originally the diet was recognized as a treatment for epilepsy in children and also became of special interest for the Department of Defense for Navy Seals. Nowadays, it’s used by all kinds of people. Whether you need to lose 200 lbs., are an elite athlete, or anywhere in between, there are benefits to be had from the Ketogenic diet. Here is a fantastic intro guide to the Ketogenic Diet.

Skinny is the perfect Keto partner. Science is quickly realizing that saturated fats are not the enemy, and in fact, it is simple carbohydrates that are the cause of most of the issues.  What does that mean? It means Skinny Coconut Oil is the ultimate Keto food!

Put a scoop in your coffee/tea, bake with it, put into smoothies or yogurt, fry in it, or simply put it straight into your mouth! Use a scoop in the morning to curb your appetite and easily cruise to lunch without breaking your intermittent fasting. Regardless of how you use it, Skinny Coconut Oil is the must have for anyone on a Ketogenic diet.

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