The truth hotels don't want travelers to know about their toiletries

The truth hotels don't want travelers to know about their toiletries

Summer is one of the most frequently traveled times of year. As such, it’s important that as you plan to take your trips, you keep in mind the toiletries and bath and body products you will need.  

Why you should bring your favorite travel-size toiletries

Travelers are all too familiar with the terrible skin-drying quality of soap, the cheap and undersized lotions, and the lack of an exfoliator and high-quality facial moisturizer commonly provided by hotels.

Additionally, the low quality of travel-size toiletries in stores leaves very few options for conscious consumers. Why are travel-size toiletries restricted to the cheapest brands and low-cost product lines?

Hotel industry toiletry truths

In the U.S., the hotel industry throws away 2.6 million bars of soap daily, and an equal amount of lotions, conditioners, and shampoos, many only used once. The amount of waste from the empty bottles and packaging is staggering.

As a result, it’s safe to assume hotels buy the cheapest and lowest quality products they can find. Who can blame them? It’s simply a waste to provide high-quality products that people toss after a single use. Do your body a favor and avoid them.

The alternative to hotel toiletries

What’s the alternative? You could bring heavy, full sized products with you, but with bag fees, weight restrictions, and TSA guidelines that isn’t feasible. You can take the time and effort to messily pour your full-size products into travel size-bottles or buy the low-quality, prepackaged travel sized products at the store…neither of which is a good solution. To be honest, there are very few good, affordable, and complete options available.

Skinny & Co. addressed these issues by releasing handmade, small-batch, all-natural products in premium quality 2-ounce glass jars that are not only durable, but also 100% TSA approved. So, travel the world (or just fly to your mom’s house) feeling comfortable knowing you have the best of the best packed inside your carry-on bag.

Buy Skinny & Co.’s Pure Beauty Travel Kit

Complete with five 2-ounce jars of Skinny & Co.’s most popular products and a full sized lip balm, the Pure Beauty Travel Kit is 100% TSA approved and tucked inside a premium jute bag.

The Pure Beauty Travel Kit is also an awesome way to experience a variety of Skinny & Co.’s products that you may not have had the pleasure of using yet. The kit comes with each of the following:

Final thoughts

Travel the world without worrying about the quality of hotel amenities, and take comfort in knowing you already have the best travel products money can buy tucked inside your bag.

Buy the Pure Beauty Travel Kit today.

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