Get Glowing Skin with These Sugar Scrub Uses!

Get Glowing Skin with These Sugar Scrub Uses!

Our Vanilla Sugar Scrub is a one-step wonder to uncover your glow! Wondering how to get the most of out of it? Read on for 8 ways to use our amazing Sugar Scrub! 

Meet Your Summer Bestie

The Skinny Vanilla Sugar Scrub is created with only THREE natural ingredients - our patented Skinny Coconut Oil, coconut sugar, and vanilla beans. This fabulous multitasker cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes at once, all while smelling like your favorite dessert. #winning

Ready to jump in and use it? Let's get started!

 8 Ways to use The Skinny Vanilla Sugar Scrub

1. Exfoliate - We'll start with the basics. The primary use for our sugar scrub is for exfoliating - your face, your hands, your legs, or anywhere that needs a little TLC. During your shower or bath (or at your sink), cleanse as usual. While skin is still damp, massage about a tablespoon of Sugar Scrub into your skin in a circular motion to slough away dead skin and uncover healthy, radiant skin; rinse with warm water and pat dry. (Remember - no need to follow up with a moisturizer! 🙌)

2. Mani/Pedi - In the same way you use the Sugar Scrub on your face or legs, massage into hands and feet to leave them extra smooth and soft before a mani/pedi. We recommend using a clean nail polish when painting your nails, or leaving them au naturale.

3. Shaving - Use The Skinny Sugar scrub once a week before or while shaving to remove dead skin cells and prevent razor burn. When used in a warm shower, it glides on smoothly and works as a great barrier for shaving!

4. Lip Scrub - Use a dab of Sugar Scrub in the mornings and evenings to exfoliate, moisturize, and plump dry lips. Plus, using it in the mornings adds a little sweetness to your morning coffee - YUM!

5. Beard Treatment - (Men need self-care, too!) After dousing your beard and face with warm water, massage Sugar Scrub into beard to exfoliate and deeply moisturize skin.

6. Deep Hydration - Skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis need a little extra attention. Using Sugar Scrub on these areas removes dead skin cells and soothes irritated skin.

7. Moisturize Joints - Elbows, knees, and ankles are infamous for being extra dry and ashy. Use Sugar Scrub to slough away the dead skin in those areas and balance a ruddy skin tone.

8. Nail Care - Last but not least, rub Sugar Scrub into cuticles and nail beds to strengthen and moisturize problem areas. This is especially helpful for those who are outside or in water a lot.

Need this list in a printable version? We've got you covered!

How do YOU use The Skinny Sugar Scrub? What's your favorite way to use it? Tell us in the comments! 👇


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