Should I Put Coconut Oil On My Face?

Should I Put Coconut Oil On My Face?

Many consumers are hesitant to put coconut oil on their faces, and we understand why… Not all coconut oil is good for your skin… Wait, what? That’s right, not all coconut oil is worthy of your skin. 

Not all coconut oil is equal… Sly marketing tactics, like calling it “Extra Virgin” (which doesn’t exist), cause consumers to purchase low quality coconut oil while thinking it is high quality. Ultimately, consumers slather their faces with low-grade oil and are surprised when their skin reacts poorly. What gives?!

The short answer is that if you have ever had skin reactions to coconut oil, your coconut oil is likely borderline rancid and full of free-radicals.  There are a multitude of impurities in many products today. Coconut oil is non-comedogenic… however, the impurities are not. If you have ever had a bad reaction to coconut oil, blame the quality.

We recently read an article written by Sarah at The Home Economist on how to identify low quality coconut oil. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! We suggest everyone read it. It is VERY important to learn how to identify and avoid low quality coconut oil. Buying low-grade coconut oil is risky.

Distinct levels of quality exist within the coconut oil industry, and only the highest quality should be used on your face. Read our guide on How To Buy The Best Virgin Coconut Oil. Once you are educated on how to properly identify high-quality coconut oil, you can safely rely on it as an effective facial moisturizer.

It can be very hard to identify whether a coconut oil is pure simply by looking at it. Most coconut oil is “contract manufactured” and then resold by third-parties that have little-to-no oversight on how it was produced.

Fortunately, Skinny & Co. has a patented coconut oil that is unlike any other product on the market. Our proprietary NutraLock™ System extracts our oil at low temperatures without the use of heat, chemicals, solvents, or “filler oils” (like palm). We then run our oil through a multi-stage, ultra-fine, custom filtering process that outputs the finest quality coconut oil on Earth. 

Seriously though, that’s not just a claim… Our repeat customers confirm it every day when they use our NutraLock™ Coconut Oil or Facial Oils on their skin. Hesitant? Don’t be.  In our experience, those that have had negative reactions to coconut oil in the past, have no issue with our oil. Why? Because our coconut oil is absolutely pure, guaranteed. It even has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties. Still hesitant? Don’t take our word for it. Try one of our small 2 oz. coconut oils or 2oz. facial oils and you will experience a whole new way to moisturize your skin.

Our customers LOVE our coconut oil!

  • “I love Skinny Coconut Oil! I have tried other brands of coconut oil that ended up in the trash. They never absorbed into my skin, even hours later. Skinny Coconut Oil absorbs in several minutes leaving my skin soft and moisturized for most of the day.” –Evy H.
  • Love this stuff! The best tasting and most nourishing oil I’ve ever used! Yum yum yum... I mainly use it in my scrubs, as a moisturizer, and I love using it when I’m out in the sun (and after)... Love you Skinny Co.!” –Erica
  • “This was my first time trying the Skinny brand coconut oil and I loved it. The oil has an authentic coconut smell and is as clear as water when melted. Some people might think it’s strange I mentioned the smell, but I’ve tried a different brand of coconut oil in the past and it had a very odd cheesy smell. Thank God the Skinny oil seemed to be pure with no tampering; which is exactly what I needed for the problem I have been having... Normally I am afraid of ingesting new things, but the purity of the oil made me feel safe. When using it as a detox I noticed I had more energy and less brain fog. Overall it has been a great product.- Karshelia L.
  • Just bought my second jar of this facial oil and I’m in love! I use it as my daily cleanser at night and every other morning! My skin looks radiant and hydrated. Feels amazing. I never would’ve dreamed that I could use oil to wash my face until I discovered this facial oil!” – Colleen E.
  • “I have very oily acne prone skin. I use this as my night cream before going to bed. You would think it would make your face even more oily but it does not. I wake up and my face has a more even tone to it. It also helps heal blemishes. Glad I made the leap of faith putting oil on my face. – Renee W. 😊

These are just a few of our favorite reviews, and there are hundreds more just like them… So what are you waiting for? Don’t spend another second putting unknown chemicals and solvents on your body! We have the secret to great skin, and it’s Skinny!

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