Should I Buy Organic Coconut Oil?

organic coconut oil

Traditional vs Organic?  This is a hotly debated topic nowadays. As usual, the truth is somewhere in between. While there are certain products that you absolutely should buy organic, coconut oil is not one of them. Coconuts have the most protection against pesticides of any fruit/seed/nut that we know of. Here’s the Skinny.

  • A coconut’s hard green outer covering, the exocarp, has layers and layers of fibrous husk underneath it protecting the completely sealed “hairy” brown shell. It’s basically a bulletproof avocado... (which also doesn’t need to be organic)

“The Coconut Palm, Sampson”
  • A study done by the NCBI looked for any traces of pesticides inside coconuts, and they found none. An additional study done by Unilever found no significant traces of pesticides in crude coconut oil.
  • There is evidence that much of the organic industry is flawed... and in the many cases, organic produce is identical to its non-organic counterparts.

Skinny & Co. only uses “Wild-Harvested” Vietnamese coconuts. Our coconuts are gathered from wild trees in the dense jungles and surrounding communities of Ben Tre, Vietnam. Since our coconuts are wild and not farmed, they are never exposed to pesticides or man-made growing techniques. We believe that our coconuts are more "natural" than those from a certified organic farm. 

If we thought that sourcing organic coconuts would benefit our quality, we would buy them. As studies show, normal coconuts contain NO pesticide residues.  However, buying oil that is “virgin” is extremely important… Read more about how to buy the best virgin coconut oil HERE.

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