Protecting dog paws with coconut oil

Protecting dog paws with coconut oil

We expect a lot from our four legged friend’s little paws and as a result, some dogs will end up with dry, cracked, or irritated paw pads. Some people get around these potential issues by putting their dog in special little boots, socks, or shoes, but if you don’t want to mess around with figuring out sizes, it might not seem like there are other options.

Common issues affecting dog paws

The first step to protecting your furry friend’s little feet is to understand the different things that might cause them damage or even pain.


Just like humans, dogs can suffer from allergies. As we’ve mentioned in a past blog, dog allergies can be related to food, environmental factors, or even fleas. Many pet owners notice irritation in their dog’s ears or on their paws as a first warning sign. If you see your dog licking his feet a lot, it could be due to allergies and his attempt to “scratch” an itch.

Environmental factors

Yes, dog pads are meant to protect a dog’s feet and withstand everyday wear and tear, but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. Certain factors can harm or injure your dog’s tough little feet. These could include road salt, sharp gravel, herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides.


Does your dog’s paws often smell like corn chips? If so, that could be an indication that your pup is experiencing an internal overbalance of yeast. The reason for the smell is that this yeast infection can first appear as irritation on your dog’s paw pads.

Protecting dog paws with paw cream

If you find yourself in search of a paw cream to help protect your dog’s paws from further harm, you likely have what you need in the kitchen or bathroom already! Coconut oil is known to work wonders on healing your hound’s little feet.

Because it’s antibacterial, coconut oil is great for your dog’s paws year round. Cold weather and ice melts or hot pavement and pesticides on plants can all lead to dry, cracked, or injured paws. The best way to protect against this is simply to rub some coconut oil directly on your dog’s paws before bed. (We recommend you do it when they’re sleepy so they spend less time trying to lick this tasty treat off even though it is entirely safe to ingest.)

If your dog’s paws are already injured, that’s OK, too, because coconut oil is antibacterial and will promote healing!

Final thoughts

Any Skinny Coconut Oil products are entirely safe for use on your dogs, but actual coconut oil isn’t your only option. If you notice other issues affecting your dog’s skin or coat, bathing them with Skinny Paw pet shampoo is also an option. (Buy it here!)

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