Oil Pulling Better Than Mouthwash?... The Definitive Guide

Oil Pulling Better Than Mouthwash?... The Definitive Guide

Is oil pull pulling your leg or saving your teeth?

There is much skepticism regarding the ancient practice of oil pulling, as there should be. You should not stop seeing your dentist, brushing your teeth, or flossing... However, oil pulling is effective and science can prove it. 

Science shows that oil pulling is effective

There is hard science behind Oil pulling. According to a study done by the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research Oil pulling is, "as effective in reducing oral malodor and microbes as a Chlorhexidine mouth rinse treatment." What does that mean? It means that the National Institutes for Health have formally recognized oil pulling lowers the amount of microbes in the mouth. 


There are concerns from highly reputable organizations like Harvard Medical regarding the safety of oil pulling. However, these concerns are regarding impurities, like heavy metals, in Ayurvedic supplements, a concern that doesn’t include Skinny & Co. products. We never EVER use chemicals, solvents, heat, metals or risky fillers (unlike other coconut oil companies)… You can always rely on Skinny products for purity. In fact, we hope Harvard Med uses our products as a reference next time!

(Skinny's clarity compared to the "other guys")

Other concerns are primarily concerned with the idea that oil pulling shouldn’t replace other forms of oral health practices. As we stated earlier, we do not suggest our Oil Pull as a replacement for brushing, flossing, etc. but as an addition to it.

Big Claims

Does oil pulling cleanse the blood like many say? Does oil pulling draw harmful toxins out of teeth as others claim? Does oil pulling cleanse cavities as others say? We aren’t sure, the jury is still out, as we wait for the scientific data from other studies.

But, we are sure (as is the NIH), that oil pulling does lower oral bacteria and it’s safe to assume that lower oral bacteria is good for oral health. It’s an ancient practice that western medicine doesn’t have all the evidence for, yet. We do know that the “dangers” of oil pulling are negated when you use a pure, chemical-free, and pH balanced product like Skinny & Co. Peppermint Oil Pulling.

Another study done by the NIH and WHO, found that,

Scientific validations... justify their incorporation into modern dental care. Publicity of these techniques using appropriate media would benefit the general population by giving more confidence in the ancient practices, thus preventing tooth decay and loss.

Proper Oil Pulling

We personally in our office have found that oil pulling is fantastic for the breath and for the teeth overall. The majority of us in the office do a 15-20 minute “Pull” during our drive to the office, or while sitting at the desk. It’s super simple, easy, and we believe with full confidence that oral health improves with repeated oil pulls.

    • Step 1: Place 1/2 to 1 Tablespoon of Skinny & Co. Oil Pulling into mouth
    • Step 2: Move around mouth until melted
    • Step 3: Swish for 5-20 minutes (work your way up)
    • Step 4: Spit into trash (Do not swallow)
    • Step 5: Brush as normal


In all, there is no reason we shouldn’t all be doing a daily Oil Pull. Are there other Oils you can use? Yes, but in todays market, there are no guarantees that they are pure. But since we are “Tree to table” and since we have control of the entire process, and never contract manufacture, we know that our oil is pure, and it is the only oil we are completely comfortable telling our customers to consume.

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