No One Grows Coconut Oil Like Skinny & Co.

No One Grows Coconut Oil Like Skinny & Co.

What's unique about Skinny & Co. coconut oil?

Our coconuts are harvested from wild farms and cold processed with our patented technology while the coconuts are still fresh. We pay the farmers all year long (even in the off season). There are no pesticides, no fertilizer, just rain and sunshine. All natural.

Where does your coconut oil come from now?

A lot of coconut oil comes from coconut oil plantations in Philippines or India, but because they aren't wild, they may require additional chemicals to keep the palm trees healthy. The benefit of harvesting from a wild jungle is you only get the best coconuts.

Why do coconuts in the grocery store look brown?

Coconuts are actually green when they are fresh, but by the time coconuts get to your grocery store, a lot of time may have passed, and they turn brown. Time away from the trees allows the coconut time to dry out and the shell begins to dry and shred itself.

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