Should you put chamomile essential oil on your skin?

should i put chamomile essential oil on my skin

Chamomile is known for being perhaps the most soothing and gentle of all essential oils. Its well-documented and long-term use has made it one of the most popular herbs and essential oils on Earth. Despite it's popularity, however, most people have no idea what it does and where it comes from.

Chamomile culture

To get started, we'll explore the historical significance of chamomile.

  • The Egyptians were the first documented group to use chamomile cosmetically and to ward off fever and disease more than 2000 years ago.
  • The Romans are best known for using chamomile. Among other uses, it was used to soothe soldiers’ nerves. The Romans used chamomile so extensively that the plant was dubbed “Roman chamomile.”
  • The Saxons used it as one of their nine sacred herbs.
  • In more modern times, perhaps you even remember that it was chamomile that soothed Peter Rabbit’s nerves and put him to bed.

Chamomile has a long history of use, and it was commonly regarded as a potent healing herb. However, until recently we did not know how or what made chamomile so powerful.

Chamomile essential oil benefits

Though there are many ways chamomile can benefit people, here are three of our favorites at Skinny & Co.

  1. Chamomile exhibits strong anti-inflammatory and painkilling characteristics when applied topically. It crushes swelling, and is great to use on inflamed skin.
  2. Chamomile is highly relaxing and calming. A 2013 study showed that using chamomile for aromatherapy calmed and stabilized the blood pressures of ICU patients.
  3. Chamomile possesses strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This is why it was (and still is!) commonly applied to wounds. Combined with its antioxidant properties, chamomile is a one-two punch for infected skin.

Final thoughts

After learning a great deal about chamomile essential oil and its myriad of benefits, we at Skinny & Co. decided that it would be an ingredient in two of our favorite products: Lavender Almond Body Melt and Calming Cleansing Balm & Makeup Remover. Both contain the highest quality chamomile we could get our hands on.

Try these Skinny & Co. pure coconut oil products and see what chamomile can do for you and your family!

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