Easy DIYs for Summer Skin & Hair

Easy DIYs for Summer Skin & Hair

We all know the importance of the perfect beach wave spray, or a strong bug repellent during summer. However, they don't have to break your budget! We’ve curated a few simple DIYs that are effective, require only a few ingredients that you may already have at home, and completely nontoxic.


DIY After Sun Spray

This calming spray is perfect for your skin after a day spent out in the sun! It’s important to moisturize your skin following continuous exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. An after sun spray can prevent your skin from drying out, and can also soothe sunburned skin. The spray can be made with only a few ingredients found around the house, and helps skin feel and smell great! The full recipe can be found here.


DIY Bug Balm

Bugs are very active during the summer, which can be annoying if you can't keep them away. This DIY Bug Balm keeps bugs at bay, and can also be used to soothe bites! The balm is made with all-natural ingredients, meaning there are no synthetic chemicals, so it’s family safe! You can find the recipe for the balm here!


DIY Beach Waves Salt Spray

Taming your hair into the perfect beach waves can seem like it requires a lot of steps or a specific product, but you can make a fantastic salt spray in your own home! The spray can be used to give your hair texture to allow you to style it into a casual, textured look that looks just like you've just left the ocean. You can also customize it by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil(s.) We recommend lemon, orange, and vanilla for a sweet, citrusy scent!) You can find the recipe here!

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