What’s the difference between beauty and food coconut oil?

What’s the difference between beauty and food coconut oil?

All coconut oil starts out the same. That’s a fact. But that’s as far as the comparisons go. The quality of the coconut is dependent upon how the coconut oil is extracted from the fruit and the methods used to do so. (If you haven’t heard about our patented Nutralock System™, this is the perfect time to do so!)

But what you might not know just yet is that there is a difference between the coconut oil you eat and the coconut oil you put on your face.

Coconut oil for eating

To start, Skinny Coconut Oil is all extracted using our Nutralock System™, making it the purest cold-pressed coconut oil you’ll find on the market today. Once it’s packaged, it is entirely safe to eat and use in any number of ways your heart could desire.

Remember, all Skinny & Co. coconut oil products contain five ingredients or fewer.

Coconut oil for face

This is where things start to differ slightly. We want your skin to be treated the best it possibly can be, and by Skinny & Co. standards, that means taking our Skinny Coconut Oil and microfiltering it down even further, to .2 micron. Doing so ensures that all impurities are removed from the coconut oil, making it 100 percent non-comedogenic and specifically designed for your skin’s needs.

Coconut oil for face and skin benefits also often contain essential oils, and we work to ensure that all of the therapeutic-grade essential oils we use are as pure as the coconut oil in which they’re put.

Final thoughts

Honestly, as most of our customers will tell you, there’s really no wrong choice when it comes to getting started with Skinny & Co. pure coconut oil products. You can shop our beauty coconut oil products and give your skin the natural love it deserves by going here. Our coconut oil for cooking can be found here. Or, if you’re still not sure where to start, check out our tried and true best sellers!

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