How We Produce the Freshest Coconut Oil in Vietnam

How We Produce the Freshest Coconut Oil in Vietnam

Skinny Coconut Oil comes from palm trees located in a Vietnam province called Ben Tre, which has been nicknamed "Bamboo Landing". Ben Tre is a province of Vietnam located in the southern Mekong Delta. Coconut grows on palm trees that were recently awarded the “Tree of Life” by the Asia-Pacific Coconut Community which recognized the pristine environment and superior quality of Ben Tre coconuts.

We employ members of the local community that hand-pick only the finest coconuts of Vietnam, then bring them to our coconut oil factory in Ben Tre, which is where our president and CEO, Luke Geddie recently visited. “We had a good meeting today with our coconut producer,” said Luke in an email to our team members. He went on to explain how the coconut producer ensures that the coconut oil is always fresh.

“There are factories in 2 different provinces one in the south and one in the middle. When Ben Tre is in a down season the factory in Binh Dinh is in high season for the coconuts. Coconuts are picked from around the factories so they are as fresh as can be. Factories are placed in the middle of the coconut jungles for this reason. “ Binh Dinh is located along the coast and up to 9% of all Vietnam’s coconuts are produced there.

Luke traveled to Vietnam in 2011 to begin looking for the best products to introduce to the United States. After nearly 3 years of searching, he finally found a coconut oil so pure, he knew it would change the world. Not only would it help American's health, but it would help the local economy in Vietnam. “I love oil pulling coconut oil in the morning to start my day.”

Luke loves hanging out with his family making awesome meals and discussing world events and likes a little bit of competitive sports against his brothers. He wants to help people feel healthier and to encourages them to start taking control of their lives, make their lives better, and make the world a better place. He is currently looking for new coconut products to develop using Skinny Coconut Oil.

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