Coconut oil uses for mom and baby

Coconut oil uses for mom and baby

When it comes to mommy and baby, Skinny & Company strives to provide only the best and purest coconut oil as a natural remedy for what ails you during these most precious times in life.

Struggling with baby eczema and skin issues?

Coconut oil is perfect for topical use on your little one because it has the ability to support healthy skin and soothe common ailments. It’s also perfect for moms because of its moisturizing benefits and nutrient-rich qualities.

Here are four ways that you can use Pure Baby on your little one:

  • Use as a comforting lotion to cool skin rash and occasional baby blemishes
  • Smooth over skin as a body rub to help support healthy sleep
  • Rub on baby to cool sunburn
  • Use as a styling agent for those first few baby hairs
  • Ease discomfort caused by eczema

We didn’t forget about you, moms! Try these coconut oil uses:

  • Smooth on skin as a cooling balm for rashes
  • Spoon out a teaspoon for ingestion of active nutrients
  • Use as a revitalizing skin lotion to help mature skin smooth and glow
  • Oil pull for metabolism support and a healthy detox

Sleep like a baby thanks to coconut oil benefits

Skinny & Company supplies the purest and only alkaline coconut oil in the world. That means you can smooth, savor, and reap the benefits of 100% natural, healing coconut oil for everyday use without losing sleep about any potential side effects

Make your first purchase of Pure Baby today!

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