5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing During Fall

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing During Fall

Fall is officially here! While you’re trading your shorts for jeans and your swimsuit for a cardigan, you might be surprised to know that your skincare routine also needs a refresh. Read on for some easy ways to keep your skin glowing throughout PSL season.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

To lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated longer, consider switching your full-body moisturizer to a body butter. Most body butters contain shea butter or cocoa butter in addition to a carrier oil like coconut oil or avocado oil. This combination deeply moisturizes your skin and lasts longer than a cream. We recommend using our Essential Body Butter, which combines our Coconut Oil with Kokum Butter to leave your skin glowing and feeling soft. It is available in LavenderRose, or Unscented.

Use Moisturizing Soaps & Cleansers

Cleansing without proper hydration can result in dry, flaky skin which can become irritated and even crack and bleed. Although this is a common issue in colder for those with extremely dry skin, it is even more common due to the extra hand washing that comes with being indoors more often. For your face, we recommend an oil-based cleanser like The Skinny Cleansing Balm which cleans and moisturizes instead of leaving skin dry. For showers and baths, we a product that is nourishing and soothing, like The Skinny Bath & Body Bar, which is shampoo, body wash, and shaving cream in one.

Soothe Trouble Areas

With fall comes cooler temperatures and drier air, and your skin quickly reacts to these changes by becoming dry, flaky, and itchy. This is particularly true for those with eczema or psoriasis. To combat this, use products with concentrated ingredients that are deeply moisturizing and long lasting for targeted care of sensitive areas. We recommend using a coconut-oil based product, like The Skinny Pure Beauty Balm, which is high in vitamin E (which deeply nourishes and protects) and triglycerides (to keep skin smooth and hydrated), and fatty acids that soothe rejuvenate skin.

TLC for Lips & Eyes

Your eyes and lips show the signs of dehydration first and require a bit more care than the rest of your body during the colder months. And, because your eyes and lips are sensitive, it is important to take notice of your product’s ingredients to make sure it won’t cause irritation. We recommend using The Skinny Pure Beauty Balm around your eyes and mouth in the mornings and at night, which is made with only one ingredient - our unrefined, micro-filtered coconut oil. The Skinny Lip Balm is great for your bag, car, or desk to use during the day when you need quick hydration, and is available in Vanilla, Peppermint, or Sweet Orange.

Switch to a Moisturizing Exfoliant

With dry skin comes flaky skin, which is usually when your exfoliant comes into play. However, most exfoliators are extremely drying to your skin due to their first ingredient being water or alcohol. Look for moisturizing exfoliants that are oil based, which will exfoliate and provide extra moisture for your skin. Our Vanilla Sugar Scrub cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes in one step, sloughing away flaky skin and leaving your skin glowing, feeling soft, and smelling great.

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