Beauty Go-To

Beauty Go-To

When you hear that one product can solve dozens of beauty woes, you may not understand how one item can be so versatile. But believe it- coconut oil is the new, natural beauty go-to! Unlike fancy and expensive beauty staples, Skinny Coconut Oil is free of harsh chemicals (or any chemicals for that matter!) and helps your skin while it trims down your beauty product stock pile. Skinny is 100% natural, 100% coconut, and 100% worry-free!

Are you unsure of how to start using Skinny in your routine? Check out what you can toss out and replace with Skinny!

1. Face and Body Moisturizers- As a moisturizer, coconut oil is more hydrating than any lotion you may buy, no matter the cost. Most moisturizers use water to dilute their product, but Skinny uses nothing but pure, raw coconut oil. When used as a lotion, the oil will sit atop the skin for a few minutes but will soon soak into your skin and keep it hydrated. This works especially well for rough, dry areas like elbows, knees and feet.

2. Makeup Remover- Maybe you have heard of coconut oil as a moisturizer, but not everyone has tried this as a makeup remover. This is actually one of my favorite uses! The oil is gentle and does not have harsh chemicals like so many makeup removers around, so if a small bit gets too close to your eye, it won’t water and sting! Great benefit already, not to mention that it helps moisturize your skin while you get cleaned up for bed.

3. Leave-In Conditioners- Just as it can work wonders with your skin, Skinny Coconut Oil can completely revitalize your hair! Using the oil as a long leave-in conditioner can give you silky texture, volume and tons of shine! Simply apply it to your hair from roots to tip, and leave it in for a few hours. If you want to get amazing results, put on a shower cap or wrap it in a tee shirt and head off to bed! When you wake up, wash the oil out of your hair and enjoy an amazing hair day! As an added bonus, if you get some oil on your skin it will actually moisturize it, unlike store bought masks that will clog your pores and leave you searching for yet another beauty fix.

4. Supplement- Skinny isn’t just beneficial on the surface! Taking 2-3 tablespoons as a supplement can help your skin’s cells reform and even help speed up your energy and metabolism. However, because Skinny is pure coconut oil its benefits are strong- be sure to start slow with one teaspoon a day and build up (it is a natural detox).

Enjoy your Skinny and keep checking the blog for new ways to enjoy the natural goodness!

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