Most Common Misconceptions About Paleo

Most Common Misconceptions About Paleo
(1) Paleo is a meat centric diet
Picturing the caveman conjures up an image of carnivores. However, the cavemen’s hunter-gatherer diet was more focused on gathering. Paleo recommends about meals of 25% meat and 75% fruits and vegetables. A common mistake of paleo is to eat too much meat. 
(2) “I’ll just eat Paleo until I hit my weight loss goal”
As we like to say here at Skinny, “it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle.” Keep up paleo for as long as you want to keep your waistline slim and high energy levels.

(3) Paleo is an all you can eat bacon fest
Bacon is in the grey area of paleo foods. The fact that bacon is allowed in a diet surprises people and they can’t get past this. However, bacon is allowed on a limited basis as it is not a lean meat. Some paleo enthusiasts have recently said that bacon is not a part of the paleo diet.

(4) Paleo is just the newest fad on the diet scene
Paleo is a diet that began over 10,000 years ago. Thus, paleo is sure to have a sustained presence on the diet scene. 

(5) Paleo is bad for your heart because of the fat you consume
By eating whole, raw foods with saturated fats instead of chemically altered fats, you are training your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates as energy. Also, paleo encourages lean meats but primarily focuses around vegetables and fruits. 

(6) Paleo is challenging to stick with over time
Even though paleo eliminates processed foods, sugars, dairy, grains, and legumes, paleo still offers a lot. Since paleo is not based on calorie restriction, there are plenty of cookbooks out there with recipes for snacks, appetizers and desserts. So you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

(7) Paleo is too pricey
Paleo emphasizes the use of grass-fed, organic meats and organic vegetables. However, you will quickly notice on paleo that you get more full, more quickly. Thus, the increased expense will balance out because you are buying less. 

As always, consulting your physician is recommended before any dramatic change to your diet occurs. 

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