How to Get Started with Coconut Oil

How to Get Started with Coconut Oil

Learning about coconut oil for the first time? Don't know how to use it?

Countless customers have used Skinny Coconut Oil and have nothing but good words for our product. Skinny Coconut Oil is the only coconut oil that is 100% RAW. This means that all the benefits you get from coconut oil you get to enjoy fully with Skinny Coconut Oil.

Wondering how to get started?

If you are using coconut oil for the first time, you can gradually introduce it to your diet as a supplement. There are avid users of coconut oil who can easily ingest 2 tablespoons a day. New users may have challenges like an upset stomach so try to introduce coconut oil slowly into your body starting with a quarter to a half tablespoon a day increasing it until you can take 2 tablespoons easily.

Coconut oil in coffee?

You can also take it as a supplement or blend it in your coffee. Yes, you read that right. Starting your day with coconut oil in your coffee gives you the right boost to be able to last through the day. We have outlined several recipes on how to prepare coffee with coconut oil, you just have to take your pick!

Do you have coconut oil at home and do not have any idea how to use it? Or you want to try coconut oil because you are seeing them used by everyone but don’t know how to start? We have listed ways to use coconut oil below:

Use it as supplement for:

  • Oil pulling
  • Body building
  • Add it on your coffee, tea or smoothies

    What's the Best Coconut Oil to Buy?

    There are a lot of coconut oil brands out in the market and it might be overwhelming choosing the best coconut oil among them. Skinny Coconut Oil is a pesticide-free, unrefined, extra-virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil that comes in a tall, skinny, glass jar. It's snow white, smooth consistency has a light coconut smell and a delicious taste. It's great for cooking, baking, and using all over your body.

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