Caring for pets by using coconut oil

Caring for pets by using coconut oil
Pets are more than just the dog or cat that live with you. They become four-legged family! Treat them with the same pure products that you enjoy and that keep your loved ones healthy.

Is coconut oil safe for pets?

Coconut oil is gentle enough to use on puppies and kittens as well as older animals. Coconut oil can aid in pet digestion, coat health, and healing infections. But, there can be too much of a good thing. We always recommend consulting your veterinarian to know the accurate amount of coconut oil for dogs and cats.

Coconut oil benefits for pets

Coat health

Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil can be used as a hair repair mask on your pet’s coat. For an effective result, comb about a palm sized amount of oil through your animal’s fur. Let it absorb for at least five minutes. Rinse the majority of the oil out of the hair with warm water and then wash and dry your pet like normal. Or, if you’d prefer a different method of introducing coconut oil onto your pet’s skin and coat, try our new Skinny Paw shampoo.

Skin health

If your furry little one has dry skin, rub a little coconut oil on the affected area of their body. It works the same on their skin as it does on humans. It also absorbs through the skin quickly, and if your pet licks that area, the coconut oil is safe to ingest. Additionally, if your pet tries to make friends with a stinging creature, rub a little coconut oil on the bite. This will help reduce inflammation.


Coconut oil can help in absorbing more nutrients than normal. It can aid in fighting off inflamed bowels and colitis. It also helps with reducing bad breath!


Just like with humans, coconut oil can help an animal’s energy levels and can also balance sugar intake and control diabetes. Just remember whenever you start giving your animal coconut oil, start with a smaller amount than required.

Final thoughts

How do you use coconut oil for your furry friends? Leave us a comment below to let us know, and be sure to check back for new blogs with more information about how your pet may benefit from the use of coconut oil!

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  • My chihuahua licks the coconut oil from my legs while I watch tv. Her treat and my little leg massage. Lol

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