6 ways to get more coconut oil in your diet

6 ways to get more coconut oil in your diet

It’s a sad reality we have to face--not everyone likes the taste of coconut oil. The good news is that even if you don't like the taste, there are still many ways to incorporate coconut oil into your diet.

The difference in coconut oils

Extra virgin coconut oil (VCO) like Skinny Coconut Oil is 100 percent raw food. As such, it might have a stronger scent and taste than refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD) coconut oil. This is palatable to some but a bit too strong for others. There are consumers who switch to RBD coconut oil so they can “tolerate” coconut oil in their diet. But what they are actually doing is cheating themselves of the full benefit of extra virgin coconut oil.

Below, we’ll share ways to incorporate coconut oil into your diet even if you have trouble with its taste, smell, or texture.

6 Alternative Ways to Ingest Coconut Oil

Blended Drinks

Coffee, tea, and juices blend the coconut oil enough for it to emulsify. This creates a creamy and rich (not oily) consistency. You won't even taste the coconut oil. However, sometimes the smell is still there, soif that bothers you, try using a travel mug to limit how much you can smell.


This is a great method for children to get their daily diet of coconut oil because it’s easy to hide the taste and texture. Just make sure that the coconut is added slowly while your smoothie is being blended. You can also heat your coconut oil under warm water until it barely melts so that it doesn’t clump.

Snacks or treats

Baked goods (like these scones), granola, popcorn are perfect opportunities to replace butter or vegetable oil with coconut oil. When you bake, it is a 1:1 ratio, so you don’t have to do any adjustments, and neither does your palate. Some people report that food can even taste "less burnt".

In cooking

Most users of coconut oil have made it their oil of choice by cooking with coconut oil every day. They claim it’s more fragrant and flavorful, especially with stir-fried vegetables. Part of this is due to the high "smoke point" of coconut oil, which is the point at which it begins to burn.

In mayonnaise

Try making homemade mayonnaise! You just need to mix coconut oil in with your eggs, salt, and olive oils to create a fresh batch of coconut oil-based mayonnaise. In the process you'll receive a great dose of good fats without artificial additives and ingredients.


While we don't currently offer coconut oil in capsules, we are exploring the idea. Coconut oil in capsule form is a great alternative so that anyone can take it for the health benefits without the smell, taste, or texture.

Try Skinny Coconut Oil

Curious about coconut oil, how it tastes and if it does deliver as many benefits as most of its users claim it does? Try Skinny Coconut Oil. It is 100% guaranteed pure, extra virgin coconut oil. Our virgin coconut oil is never heated, which is how it fully retain its natural properties. It will change how you think about coconut oil (for the better!).

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